WhiteBox Visual

WhiteBox Visual is an architectural visualization studio in the multicultural and lively Budapest, Hungary. Our studio covers projects worldwide including still imagery, animation and virtual reality.


Our passionate and dedicated team constitutes of architects, interior designers and software engineers. To satisfy our clients the most, we reinforce our experience with each individual’s excellence in the team.


Our workflow provides full transparency and influence of the client.


2D plans or 3D exported models are both eligible as a base for a project. We make clay renders suggesting camera views of which our client can choose. In case of interior design visualization at this stage we agree on furniture and accessories. Based on the reference images provided we set photorealistic materials of which we share raw renders in the selected camera views. Once the materials are confirmed we start the post production phase in which the image gets the requested mood, light and color adjustments are done and a story is suggested by adding further 2D elements to the image (people, etc.).

When the final image is agreed the full quality and resolution render is prepared. The process takes about 2-3 days to complete an image.

Please see our references that were all results of our open and cooperative workflow.


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